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Penley Global Law is a boutique law firm focused on serving the needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. We specialize in Contract Law, Employment Discrimination on behalf of the employed, Soft Intellectual Property, Media law and Immigration. Principal Alexander holds an LLM in International Intellectual Property Law from London Metropolitan University as well as a JD from Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Oh. He has been practicing for over eighteen years.

We will ensure that we understand your objectives and help you achieve them quickly and in an affordable fashion.

No issue is too small - our services are provided on a contingency, flat fee, or hourly basis. Licensed in California, DC, DC Federal Court, The US Supreme Court, England and Wales.

  • Many Years Experience.
  • Highest Success Rate.
  • Supported Many Corporations.
  • Protect Your Legal Rights Under The Law.
  • Lots of Certification As a Lawyer.
  • Best Skills With Extensive Backgrounds.


Since 1997, Penley Global Law has helped countless small companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals protect their interests and resolve contractual disputes. Whether it is protecting your intellectual property, incorporating your new business, or going to court to receive funds from a customer that hasn’t paid you, Penley Global Law can help you with your ongoing business needs.

Corporate Law
Employee Protection
Business & Transactional Law

Practice Areas

Penley Global Law can support you in a variety of circumstances. We are most experienced in the following areas:


Covering everything from visitor, employment, and student visas to citizenship.

Penley Global Law can help you and your family with all aspects of immigration.

Alexander Penley is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers' Association.

Corporate Formation

The process of corporate formation entails potential pitfalls which can damage a business.

Proper legal guidance is essential in establishing a strong corporation.

Penley Global Law can help you create the perfect business entity tailored to your needs.

Business Law

If you have legal needs regarding your business, Penley Global Law has got you covered.

We will support you in any legal disputes, financial agreements, and any other business related legal situations.

Transactional Law

Penley Global Law can handle all of your transactional needs including contract drafting and review, trademark registration and copyright infringement.

If necessary, we will take care of litigation on your behalf or defending you in the event of litigation to resolve disputes.

Employee Issues

Penley Global Law has extensive experience dealing with employment issues for both employers and individuals.

We can help you tailor your employment practices to prevent possible employee disputes.

We will aggressively pursue your interests should your employment rights be violated.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property matters include Copyright, Trademark, licensing and new media.

We are prepared to work with all aspects of e-commerce and internet based interests.

We secure our clients' Intellectual Property rights contractually and, when necessary, defend these rights in court.

What Can We Do?

With Penley Global law, you can feel confident that you'll have the legal guidance necessary to handle any of your legal needs. We are the perfect solution for businesses of any size, families in need of an attorney, and various other scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we can imagine, you're likely wondering how a global attorney can handle your needs. Take a look at our frequently asked questions to resolve any possible concerns!

What are the ramifications of being based in Germany?

Being based in Germany provides no limitations in my legal services in the places where I am licensed.

Nearly all legal filings are done electronically now.

I have appeared in court Telephonically over one hundred times.

Are international phone calls charged for being so?

No, they are not.

As I have a flat rate for calls to the US clients are only charged for phone time: never extra for the calls themselves.

What is your pay schedule?

The most common fee structure involves a retainer to secure my services and guarantee that, when needed, I am immediately available for all your needs

Flat fees for various services (eg. Trade/Service Mark & Copywrite registration) are also available as well as percentage based for individual issues.

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